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Introduction to our NLP Training Courses

Our NLP Training couses are high-quality, innovative and original, suited to a range of learning styles; indeed, we use the 4-MAT system to teach in addition to unconscious installation methods! Our most recent students flew in from Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China, to experience our authentic NLP training and twenty years experience in NLP work!

Our simple and clear pricing structure includes all materials and excellent lunches, the most wonderful venue in the world (in most weathers) and the certification fee is separately stated if you wish a Society of NLP license. Our students range from counsellors, therapists, coaches, trainers, teachers, horse-whisperers, jet pilot trainers, and rugby administration! NLP is useful wherever we communicate!

We pay for certification if you live within Cumbria, and you do not pay VAT on our courses, saving 17.5% on other organisations fees.

In return, you get a friendly group-size, beautiful venue, professional training, deep content and experience, free after-course support and annual review day for three years, and guaranteed satisfaction on day one - or your money back!

To find out more about what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and what you will gain from NLP training, please click here What is NLP and for our selected course reading list, click here What is NLP.

Our courses cover Society of NLP requirements for both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. We also offer the first Adept Practitioner Workshop in the country!

To find out more about NLP, engage in well-informed discussions, and make friends, I recommend NLP Connections to which I regularly contribute.


NLP Practitioner Course.

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

10 Days

Cost: £1,350 + £150 certification fee

Our NLP Practitioner Course is certified through the Society of NLP and your certificate is signed by Richard Bandler, one of the two co-founders of NLP. Over two 5-day modules, you will learn effective communication methods for a range of uses, from sales to therapy, training to customer support.

Previous participants have commented how deep this training goes to provide life-changing experiences. Many of the "classic" methods of NLP are learnt, then given a bright new spin, and "new code" NLP is discussed. Your trainer has received training from both Richard Bandler and John Grinder over the last few years, and is up-to-date with new advances in NLP, building on his library of rare NLP material gathered over twenty years. No other course will teach you so quickly how to generate your own techniques - the true heart of NLP. Exceed Expectations!

"It's been my joy in training NLP to many people; Dentists, Theatre Directors, Therapists, Jet Pilots and Horse Whisperers! Find out how you'll benefit!"

E-Mail to arrange a personalised/alternative Training Schedule

NLP Master Practitioner Course

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

10 Days

Cost: £1,450 + £150 certification fee

The first question asked by my newly-certified NLP Practitioners is "When can I start my NLP Master Training?!" We offer discounts to those having already attended our Practitioner Training as we know the high standard to which we certify, and can build on previous experience. However, if you have been dissatisfied with your Practitioner Training elsewhere, or simply wish to experience a different approach, venue and trainer, please do contact me to discuss your requirements.

"Sometimes we know more than we think already it's easier to understand or even stand under what's even now easier to think we know sometimes."

"And a picture is a metaphor, and as Isadora Duncan replied when asked to interpret her dance, 'If I could say it, I wouldn't have to dance it.'"

NLP Magick NLP Certificate

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

2 Days

Cost: £275 (+discount on Practitioner course)

NLP Magick is pleased to offer a semi-bespoke 2-day Certificate in NLP for those wishing to learn and experience key communication techniques for their immediate life and work. This 2-day workshop covers listening skills, rapport-building, non-verbal communication, persuasion and negotiation techniques, and powerful methods of changing your own state to get the best of yourself.

We are so convinced you will find this course intriguing and useful that we will also give anyone going on to our Practitioner course a discount equivalent to over the cost of the certificate (£351, i.e. go onto the Practitioner course for £999 only)



NLP Kick-Start Day Just for You!

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

1 Day

Cost: £125

Come up and see us sometime?

Perhaps you'd like to spend a day in the Lakes, learning NLP and assessing my training? Browsing several hundreds of books on the subject?

Experiencing powerful change-work for an issue?

Whatever your preferred method of ensuring we are the right NLP Training for you, come up for a day and I'll demonstrate our walking the talk and show you some "good stuff" just for you as a taster!

When you then book NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, you get a £50 discount or simply take the day as a personal kick-start coaching session.

"Like Bandler and Grinder, over the years I've modified many techniques to improve their effect and make elegant delivery which enables it to be taught quickly."

NLP Adept Practitioner Workshop

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

2 Days

Cost: £350

After twenty years of testing, training & modifying NLP Techniques, I'm often asked by Master Practitioners of NLP to demonstrate advanced uses of NLP for rapid change, single-word re-framing, subtle state-change, belief modification techniques and more.

These are now included in an advanced two-day syllabus suitable for Master Practitioners or equivalent background. The material of these two days is based on practical application and intense inner work - please enquire for your invitation.

Our Adept Practitioner workshop in July 2008 focused on creating training plans & presentations using NLP structures such as the Meta-Model tweaked with Kabbalistic ideas! We created several new techniques and a range of models for teaching trainers to create effective workshops.

NLP Magick is the first Training Organisation to offer an advanced Adept Practitioner, and as such this level of training is unique to NLP Magick participants. There is no certification, licensing, validation, or other administration of this workshop. It is a fully experiential, creative, developmental and individual experience.


Our Syllabuses for these courses are twenty pages, content-rich and graphics-full. Please e-mail us to request a copy which will be sent by return e-mail for your convenience.

When Requesting Your NLP Training Syllabus - please indicate your experience, prior training, and interest in Practitioner, Master Practitioner or our other unique Workshops.

Send Me A Syllabus

Discounts Now Available for Booking NLP Master Practitioner after booking/attending NLP Practitioner.

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Our Training Courses Testimonials: Truly Magickal and Life-Changing!


A lot of comments get made during our courses; often during those "Aha!" moments when a previously difficult concept is made clear by demonstration and participation. Some students find the first day bewildering, then realise that they've been "installed" with learning which at first wasn't evident! Come and find out about "Wax On! Wax Off!" and "Cherry-Blossom Elegance" - and why our courses benefit from twenty years experience!

Here's some of what people have said over the last few years, to give you a flavour of responses to our innovative style and teaching methods:

"Well delivered course - good pace and time taken to provide explaination and practical examples. Exercise tasks really helpful - good assistance given with these; re-framing, anchors, submodalities."
(Dr. Evelyn Carnegie, Sports Psychologist, 2003)

"Great Course. Enjoyed the practical demos, video clips, group work and informality. You can come and work for me anytime!"
(Keith Tanner, Business Trainer, 2003)

"Most useful was the opening-up of my own understanding to the way people process their thoughts."
(Heather Lucas, Natural Health Therapist, 2004)

You have given us all the opportunity to embrace NLP within our lives. NLP and Hypnotherapy do fit hand in glove."
(Lyn Lowther, Trust Co-Ordinator, 2005)

"The course was excellent!"
(Diane Campbell, Therapist, 2003)

"Lots to take away on a personal level."
(Elaine Edwards, Complimentary Therapist, 2004)

"Put a lot of structure to things I've already seen & heard - also useful things to use with horse-owners; Swish pattern, re-framing, etc. All explained well and in more detail when required."
(Luisa Jones, Horse-Whisperer, 2004)

"Completely Mind-Altering."
(Terry Jobson, Hypnotherapist, 2005)

"This was my first insight into NLP ... I am quite stunned. I hope to use these new skills in the future."
(Bill Bryan, Therapist, 2005)

"Absolutely excellent and Great Fun!"
(Julia Roberts, Hypnotherapist & Trainer, 2005)

"Very well chunked."
(Sandra Navaratnarajch, Dentist, 2005)

"Fantastic Course!"
(Julia Sixsmith, Counsellor, 2005)

"You were right about having another pair of eyes - I haven't stopped talking about your course all week!"

Sandra Barnes (Therapist, 2006)

"I can't believe how many inductions I've learnt!"

Chris Hale (Healer, 2007)

"I was able to do a large group induction and relaxation a few days after the first weekend course - thank you so much!"

Sheila Foxton (Life Coach, 2007)

"Incredible content, enthusiasm, and experience and materials unlikely to be available to most trainers! Wow!"

Robert Elliot (Trainer, 2007)



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Marcus Katz is a Licensed NLP Trainer, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, Therapist within the National Phobics Society, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Hypnotherapy Society, the Association of NLP and the Society of NLP. He is an MBA graduate with global business experience, and has utilised NLP for twenty years in business and in theraputic work. He has currently completed a second Masters Degree, and started a PhD Study of Mesmer at Exeter University. He is a member of the South Lakes Jungian Reading Group.


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