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Our Training Venue - Obviously Stunning!

Keswick, in the heart of the Lake District, is arguably the most beautiful location in the country, and our courses allow some time to spend by the Lake and in the delightful Market Town. In fact, one of our venues - the Theatre by the Lake - is on the Lakeshore, moments away from one of the most wonderful views across the mountains.

On most of our NLP & Hypnotherapy Training courses, subject to interest, we arrange an evening party at our "cottage in the woods" venue, allowing time to relax and watch videos, hold open discussion and impromptu revision and training sessions! This is a truly unique experience to every course, and as one participant commented, "Why can't every evening be like this?!" Of course, it can.

As a tourist attraction, frequent transport is available (see below) and we also include free pickup to/from Penrith Station if you are travelling by Train.

Accomodation is plentiful - although it is always advisable to book early. We have special arrangements with selected Guest Houses, please contact us for details on 017687 72713 or by e-mail enquiries@nlpmagick.com


Why take training in an expensive city at an anonymous hotel training room when you can easily learn in an open and relaxed environment here in the Lake District?


Getting Here is Easy (Transport)

Keswick is situated off the A66 about 14 miles west of Penrith, which is on the M6 (J40). By Car this is a little over 2 hours from Manchester or Edinborough. Coach services run directly to Keswick.

Travelling by Train? You'll arrive/depart at Penrith and we can arrange transport for you to/from Keswick as part of your course fee (there are also frequent buses taking 40mins to Keswick or Taxis, which is a more expensive option!) Trains are less than 3hrs from London or Edinborough.

Arriving from a UK or Overseas Airport? Our nearest airports are Manchester, Birmingham & Newcastle (Teeside).

You can find more travel details and links to transport sites for booking tickets at:


Staying Here is Comfortable (Accomodation)

The Keswick local website above has a searchable database of B&B's, Hotels and other accomodation for every requirement. We also can advise and have arrangements with a number of selected Guest Houses - please contact us for details. Our courses are arranged to avoid extremely popular holiday periods, but may overlap on occaison, so please book early to ensure a wider choice.


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Our Syllabuses for these training courses are twenty pages, content-rich and graphics-full. Please e-mail us to request a copy which will be sent by return e-mail for your convenience.

When Requesting Your NLP Training or Hypnotherapy Training Syllabus - please indicate your experience, prior training, and interest in Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner or our other unique Workshops.

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Marcus Katz is a Licensed NLP Trainer, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, Therapist within the National Phobics Society, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Hypnotherapy Society, the Association of NLP and the Society of NLP. He is an MBA graduate with global business experience, and has utilised NLP for twenty years in business and in theraputic work. He is currently completing a second Masters Degree, and commencing a PhD Study of Mesmer at Exeter University. He has recently joined the South Lakes Jung Reading Group.


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