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Bespoke Staff Training for both Small & Large Businesses

If you are here from our recent promotion, "How do you get someone to open an envelope?" or are otherwise interested in getting the best training for your staff, I can offer free training hours in order that you can see how your business communications will improve quickly - I teach sales techniques, customer care, complaint handling, resolution and negotiation skills, and powerful presentation skills! If you want team-building training, or a succesful motivation day, we provide NLP-driven bespoke events to suit your requirements.

I offer truly global business experience and international skills for a local audience with tailor-made courses for small businesses.

Contact me to discuss your training requirements on 017687 72713 (Mobile 07747 023556) or e-mail enquiries@nlpmagick.com

Benefits you will gain from our NLP Corporate Training:

  • Team-Building & Project Preparation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Complaint Handling
  • Customer Care to ensure return customers
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Stress-Reduction Techniques
  • Mentoring for Negotiations
  • Motivation & Self-Discovery Methods

I can also provide HR Departments & Managers with training to the level of licensed NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, certified by the Society of NLP. See our NLP training page NLP Training for our training schedule, to download a syllabus, or contact me for bespoke training arrangements.

Your Trainer

Marcus Katz is an MBA graduate of the University of Central Lancashire, MA graduate of the University of Exeter, and PhD Research Student. His work experience over thirty years has taken him into both public, private and government organisations, finance and industry, in this country and overseas, covering UK, Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific. He has been variously described as "gifted", "a born communicator" and "natural trainer". His training in NLP and Communications skills has been practised for almost twenty-five years, supported by excellent training from the original developers of NLP and stage-performers such as Paul McKenna.

For more about NLP, click here What is NLP or for more about Marcus Katz, click here NLP Training in Cumbria.

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