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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy & NLP are appropriate and effective approaches for a range of issues;

  • General Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks
  • Eating Disorders
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Gaining the Perfect Weight
  • Phobias (Flying, Medical, Sickness, etc.)
  • Habit Breaking (Nail Biting, Bed-Wetting, etc.)
  • Social Phobias
  • Claustrophobia or Agoraphobia
  • Motivation

Over the years dealing with anxiety and phobias, I've come to discover that NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic approaches can be blended to provide individual treatment which is most effective to you as a person. Whether it is a weight or body-image issue, or a "silly" phobia, our brains can sometimes lock us into a place we don't belong. My sessions with you will find the Key.

It is my aim to offer the most wonderful and effective treatment for these issues - you'll be pleasantly surprised that hypnosis is a sense of heightened relaxation and deep awareness; you're entirely in control throughout what for many is a 'blissful' experience.

I offer Hypnotherapy Sessions from private rooms at Keswick, the Clinic on Lorton Street at Cockermouth and Visiting across Cumbria. Although we will discuss the appropriate and effective approach at our first consultation, I have added below a simple guide to some of your possible questions.

I have been working succesfully with private clients for several years, and trained small groups in self-development techniques across Europe over the last twenty years. My work is governed by the Ethics of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the Hypnotherapy Society. In addition, I am supervised by a Clinical Psychologist of some twenty-five years standing.

Call me now on 017687 72713 to discuss (in confidence)

any issue you wish to resolve.

Why am I different?

I have 20 years real experience in innovating NLP & Hypnotherapy

I charge almost half what others charge because I offer a fair service

I am supervised on a monthly basis by a clinical psychotherapist

I do not give false impressions by using "Dr" or "PhD" or "NHS Registered" (see below)


Smoking Ban in England

Since July 1st 2007

NLP Magick offers a special discount for our three-session QUIT SMOKING program.

Three sessions discounted by 10% and a fourth follow-up session for FREE.

Call us now on 017687 72713 to gain easy assistance in giving smoking up for good!


Please be aware that a few Hypnotherapists display a "NHS" type image such as the one below, or claim to be "registered" with the the NHS. It is possible to get a registration number with the NHS as a service provider, for example, selling toilet rolls, but it does not mean that you are working within the NHS, or validated by the NHS, and it is a misleading claim.

The "NHS Alternative Directory" is actually not associated directly with the NHS nor does it fully check those listed upon it, which is simply done by sending a form and paying a fee. The doctors I have spoken to have never heard of this directory.

Similarly, please check with those advertising PhD qualifications - without stating any details - if the PhD has been awarded by a UK University, or if it is in a subject related to therapy work!

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Our Therapy Work Testimonials: Truly Magickal and Life-Changing!

A lot of comments get made during our Hypnotherapy work and personal NLP Sessions; often during those "Aha!" moments when a previously held block or resistence is overcome, or a deeper experience of Self is re-discovered.

Here's some of what people have said over the last few years, to give you a flavour of responses to my innovative treatment work.

"I wasn't convinced, but when I went for the interview and that music started in my head, I knew I could easily get the job! It wasn't until afterwards I remembered that's what we'd arranged to happen! I was offered the job, but a better one came up anyway and I got that one instead ... weird, huh?!"

"Ben is trying all sorts of different foods now. He doesn't like all of them, but it's an incredible improvement after the first session. The doctors and psychologist together didn't offer much help or improvement, so thanks again!"

"I feel liberated." (Anna, who had a Needle Phobia)

"I was recommended to your non-smoking sessions by a mate; he hasn't touched a cigarette since he saw you, even though we've been testing him!"

"What did you do? I'd been biting my nails for forty years, and I just haven't thought about it all week and they're growing! But I don't know exactly what it was you said to me!"

"I've lost two stone now, so can we start working on something else?"

"Just 'phoning to thank you for the last two months - I'm back to myself again, but improved! I even dealt with something myself this week by looking up an NLP technique and trying it myself!"


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Marcus Katz is a Licensed NLP Trainer, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, a Therapist within the National Phobics Society, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Hypnotherapy Society, the Association of NLP and the Society of NLP.

He is an MBA & MA graduate with global business experience, and has utilised NLP for twenty years in business and in therapeutic work. As an academic he is a PhD candidate at Exeter University and a member of the South Lakes Jung Reading Group.

He works with 3-4 private clients every week, resolving anxieties, phobias, weight loss issues, smoking, etc.

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