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All courses are offered on request, which has proven extremely popular. This means that you can choose your own schedule throughout 2012, and simply decide in which month you'd like to become an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, or Hypnotherapist (Foundation and Full Practitioner). I will then arrange a schedule to suit your requirements. Or choose a weekend or two days to take our NLP Certificate. Gain personal 1:1 or small group training.

Before chosing a course below, or hypnotherapy, you might like to also see honest student feedback NLP Training and my own values NLP Training.

NLP Training Courses.

Not only do we offer NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Magick is the first provider to offer an advanced course beyond mastery, the Adept Practitioner. Exceed Expectations!

"It's been my joy in delivering NLP training to Dentists, Theatre Directors, Therapists, Jet Pilots and Horse Whisperers! Find out how you'll benefit!"

Hypnotherapy Training Courses.

Our UK-validated Hypnotherapy training courses, both Foundation & Practitioner, are ideal for personal development, adding a powerful skill-set to your coaching, etc., or starting a rewarding career in Hypnotherapy. Truly Life-Changing!

"I love the pleasant surprise of students playing with an oscilloscope or getting to watch Satir and Erickson at work!"

Booking Hypnotherapy.

Resolution of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, breaking habits. Specialising in Gambling Addictions, other compulsions and Eating Disorders. Learn effective relaxation techniques, ways to gain Positive Outlooks and Motivate Yourself!

"I consider each session individually and am always honoured to work with people determined to make fast change happen and improve life."

Choosing your Course.

A helping hand and Honest guide through the NLP training & Hypnotherapy world drawn from Twenty Years of experience. Find the right course or therapy for you as an individual, ensure integrity and choose What's right for you.

"Like Bandler and Grinder, over the years I've modified many techniques to improve their effect and make elegant delivery which enables it to be taught quickly."

Your Trainer & Hypnotherapist.

Find out more about your Trainer and his training with the co-founders of NLP and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. What experience is drawn upon to deliver the best change-work and training for you Now.

"All communication is indirect hypnosis. Don't think of a giraffe on a motorcyle. Does it have goggles with a big happy smile?"

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Our Training Courses & Our Therapy Work: Truly Magickal and Life-Changing!

Our training courses are validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (Hypnotherapy training) and the Society of NLP (NLP training) and come with uniquely written materials, and multimedia presentations suitable to a range of learning styles. An exclsuive after-course online social network provides opportunity for support and continuous development, and all training includes invitation to an annual review meeting for updating your skillset. For Free!

You will be certified as an NLP Practitioner and/or Master Practitioner licensed by the first and largest Society of NLP, and/or Hypnotherapist within the GHSC, the largest UK Regulatory body. These bodies ensure the highest standards are met in all training.

All students will also receive a copy of Marcus's latest book, NLP MAGICK (published 2012). This includes all material, and many real-life accounts of NLP in practice drawn from 20 years experience.

Our personal Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions are available for a range of issues, including Phobia Treatment, General Anxiety Disorders, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and Eating Disorders. You will be pleasantly surprised by the experience of utilising your own unconscious processes for rapid change-work.

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Cumbria (Keswick)

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Marcus Katz is a Licensed NLP Trainer, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, a Therapist within the National Phobics Society, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Hypnotherapy Society, the Association of NLP and the Society of NLP.

He is both an MBA & MA graduate with global business experience, and has utilised NLP for over twenty years in business and in therapeutic work. As an academic he is a PhD research student at the University of Exeter and a member of the South Lakes Jungian Reading Group.

He works with many private clients on a daily basis, resolving anxieties, phobias, weight loss issues, and smoking cessation. He works across Cumbria and has referrals from across the Country, particularly for his effective work with gambling and other addictions.


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